Big Adventures for Little Learners

TOITOI TOWERS combine a Kitchen Helper, Giant Chalkboard, and Adjustable Slide in one functional and stylish adventure for your kids.

The fun never stops with a TOITOI TOWER

The Toitoi Kitchen Helper

Two fixed steps lead up to a solid, secure platform at exactly the right height for your little one to reach the kitchen counter

You can leave the steps open so they can come and go or, for even more security, you can slide the vertical back brace down keeping them fully contained and safe at the counter

So no more trying to cook with kids wrapped round your legs. Bring them up into the kitchen, let them help cook or let them just play at the work surface knowing that they are on your level, engaged with you and safe

The platform has 3 different levels, so you can always find the perfect height for your little kitchen helper, no matter how fast they grow!

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The Toitoi Slide

Easily lift the front face of the tower off and slot it securely in front of the platform and you have effortlessly turned your TOITOI TOWER in to a Slide!

Climbing up and sliding down will help your little ones work on their coordination, balance and large motor skills but most of all - ITS GREAT FUN!

The slide and platform can be adjusted to 3 different levels so you can find just the right challenge for your little learner

Learning with a TOITOI TOWER - It's Child's Play

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The Toitoi Giant Chalkboard

Encourage creativity through art

Chalkboard drawing activities help your little learners develop fine motor skills, improve coordination and build levels of focus and concentration.

Structured activities can help them learn colours, letters, numbers and shapes. While unstructured drawing will promote healthy self expression and creativity

Children really do learn more with a Toitoi Tower

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